Friday, June 15, 2007

Post Coverage of Housewarming Party

We partied through the wee hours of the morning. I said goodbye to the last five guests who apparently are all alcoholics but managed to hold their drinks that night. Nancy took the picture of empty wine bottles when she woke up in the afternoon I guess. 我们喝了七瓶红酒、一瓶小瓶Whiskey,应该还不算太过分。

(I keep the best wine from the region of Margaux which was given by my dear friend, Mitchel, for another occasion.)

A dear friend of mine brought his pet instead of his friend over. He was the best PR one can get. Inexpensive and reliable. 朋友天量的柴犬,花生。是暖屋派对的明星。照片也是南西羊拍的。

Invitation card designed by my flatmate, Nancy. 室友南西羊在家里拍的照片,还设计了邀请卡。

One week after the housewarming party, I had to leave for business trip in HK then head back to my hometown in Penang. Life in China is hectic but interesting. It involves a lot of travelling as China is one big country. The instability of lifestyle opens up to immense possibilities, known and unknown. To be honest, I am not sure if I would still live in Beijing in the next six months. Perhaps I should host another party to welcome myself back to BJ next week since everyday in BJ might be my last day there?

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Nightraveller said...

sounds like you have new plans soon.