Monday, April 19, 2010


我妈看完黄历后说,今天宜迁移。因此即便昨天已把床单都铺好,还是到大学同学家过了一个晚上,今天算是正式搬进新家。从此以后我要过很chic很chic的日子:冰箱里会有San Pellegrino带汽矿泉水,透明弧形花瓶里有白色的花,周末可以躺在阳台上的白色躺椅上抽烟喝咖啡听上海流动车声,当然少不了要有Antony and the Johnsons的歌声。


seasonc said...

Im coming to shanghai to visit u, my dear!

Nightraveller said...


沒什麽可以送你新居入夥,倒是想起一首歌,好像還蠻貼近你的心境(對不起,我有點自以爲是)。送個你,EBTG的One Place

A summer evening; I walk past the window,
Baby's crying; Someone's cooking dinner;
There's laughter on the TV
Someone's learning the violin.
How at home, it heals
At times like this, I feel that...

I would like to live like anybody else
In one place
And I could be happy and fulfilled
In one place

So I get the map out
And draw a line of where we've been
It goes thru sea and sky
Twenty-five planes this year
And it's only July...
This is not some Bible, like "On The Road"
It's just a song about coming home

And you know that I have found
That I'm happiest weaving from town to town
And you know Bruce said
we should keep moving 'round
Maybe we all get too tied down, I don't know
Hell, I don't know
I'm happy to be home (Still alive)
Happy to be home...

In the end, if you take care
You can be happy or unhappy anywhere

And I think we maybe all rely too much
On one place
I know I never would deny the need
For one place

So I get the map out (get the map out)
Yeah I get the map out (get the map out)
C'mon, get the map out (get the map out)
Get the map out (get the map out)