Wednesday, January 10, 2007

yes i am 30

Many friends asked about my 30th birthday bash in Bangkok and my feeling of turning 30. Yes, I am 30. As expected, the party at The Met was accomplished by insane alcohol consumption and unrestrained laughters. With so many beautifully crazy or crazily beautiful friends celebrating the day with me, I am truly blessed (for my friends who were there, you could choose to be either one and for those who were not, sorry, you are termed as oddly crazy friends of Wish Teoh).

Turning 30 is somehow bittersweet. I have achieved nothing great like winning The Nobel or becoming a mother (not that I ever dream of these) but I am glad I have come to an age to be sastified with myself, from time to time. Though I still am not sured where I am heading to and where life would lead me to, I feel less insecure about the uncertainty. I am not sure if I am happier but I guess I found a way to live with it. Surely I do not think I have become any wiser else I would not be drinking, smoking and having fun when things like deadline got out of hand.

So I am 30.

I want to thank you all for being with me all these while (yah lah, including those who did not turn up at the party, and yes, I am refering to you, Ah Guan, an aeroplane friend you are). I do not know what sort of person I would become if I have not met you. You have offered me many different and refreshing angles to look at life itself and I love you all.

I wish to celebrate my 40th birthday with you all again and wish to be invited to your parties.


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ymoon said...

happy belated birthday~

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My dear: Happy birthday!


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wish teoh said...

谢谢大家的祝福。I am truly blessed.